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Police Training Center Nanveej-Daund

Tal- Daund, Dist- Pune

Police Training Center Nanveej- Daund



Health Check Up Camp By Rotarians

With the help of Rotary Club, in the year of 2020 this Institute organized whole body medical check-up for all officers & men. Medical reports were in persona explained to them by the medical officer of the Institute. He even guided them for necessary precautions needs to be taken by particular individuals. With the help of Sub District Hospital, Daund  same exercise  was  repeated  this  year


Guardian Officer Scheme

We have started the Guardian Officer Scheme for the trainees. In this scheme, one Officer of the rank of Police Inspector is assigned Guardianship of 15 to 20 trainees. It has greatly helped in monitoring progress of every individual trainee. These Guardian Officers provide all kind of personal assistance to individual trainee in grooming him as an effective cop for the future. During this period of Pandemic, as visits to their near and dear ones are not easily possible, these Guardian Officers are helping trainees to avoid home-sick syndrome.


Maharashtrian folk dance, Lezim is regularly taught to trainees. This initiative is helping to develop their physical stamina. It is also helpful in overcoming loneliness forced by pandemic.



Officers attending workshop on ‘Emotional Intelligent Police

Delivering Lecture

Recently we invited prominent expert on serpentines Mr. Sanjay Thombare to give awareness about poisonous and non-poisonous snakes in India. This exercise has proved very helpful as this institute is located in snakes-prone area.