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Police Training Center Nanveej-Daund

Tal- Daund, Dist- Pune

Police Training Center Nanveej- Daund


Outdoor Training

Trainees daily have a rigorous outdoor training at early in the morning and in the afternoon which includes activities like 5 km running ,PT tables, push ups, sit ups, medicine ball, log, climbing rope, obstacle, drill , parade, weapon handling & firing etc.

This Institute has started taking periodical review of all trainees by conducting monthly outdoor exams . Every aspect of exam is statistically analysed with the help of graphical presentation at a glance it can be easily identified that which particular trainee may be lagging in which event .so that we can focus on that particular aspect for that individual

Institute  also started monthly monitoring of  08 different physical parameters  of all the trainees like Girths of Neck, Shoulder ,Chest, Upper Arm, Waist, Hips, Thigh and Calf. It has certainly helping in transforming the trainees to cops of well developed muscular bodies.